I am a 30-something professional, I am often found on Twitter and can sometimes be found writing about social media and PR.

I like to watch rubbish TV (much to the dismay of my husband), and love a spot of amateur dramatics.  I've started this blog to give me a place to talk about things I want to share, covering things I want to write about.

I'd love to hear any feedback you have - and whilst this blog is primarily a place for me to jot down my thoughts please feel free to send me any requests you have, although I can safely say I will never simply regurgitate a press release.  If you do want to get in touch about something then please read the guidelines below.

  1. Reviews:  I'm happy to review products and services if they are of relevance to me and my family and if I have time. 
  2. Sponsored posts:  I am happy to write sponsored posts if the subject is of relevance to me and my family, or might be of interest to my readers. 

Please drop me a line at learningearlyblog at gmail dot com if you'd like to discuss anything with me.

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