Monday, 8 October 2012

Fitting it all in

I love a bit of Sex and the City. It's a guilty pleasure. Carrie and her girl friends are successful women, juggling careers, men and their girly social life. 

I admit, I'm a bit jealous of their Cosmo-filled evening, their laid back breakfasts, and even their gentle coffee-sipping strolls through the city. But I simply don't understand how they have the time to do it all, and organise PR events, or get the latest column submitted.

I'm in the middle of rehearsals for a musical. Opening night is this month, so rehearsals are really heating up - two evenings a week, all day on Sunday - plus all the team-building social events that go hand-in-hand with doing a show. Add the day-job into the mix and I'm so busy that my feet hardly touch the ground. I can't even find the time to blog...

In the last week I've seen Hubby for just a handful of hours. He's out the days I'm in, and I'm out the day's he's not. We're more than ships that pass in the night, we're a strange tag-team.

A quick good morning, 15minutes wolfing down dinner, and then, if we're lucky, another 15minutes of snatched conversation before I topple into bed. We cram so much into that time. The basis of entire relationship seems to be broken down into quarter-hour intervals.

I look at Carrie and co who all seem to be able to sail through their busy lives, with time to spare to invest in relationship building.

Then I look at our current situation and I have to wonder:

Am I a good wife?

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