Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tips for staying warm this winter

Last winter I lived in a poorly maintained flat.  Hubby and I were miserable. It was actually warmer when it snowed as the snow provided insulation.  But as a result we've got used to dealing with the cold.

The temperature hasn't nose-dived yet, but around the country boilers are being switched on. So here are my top money saving tips for keeping warm without costing a bundle.

Take care of your extremities
I remember being told as a nipper that if you got too cold your toes would fall off... although whilst hypothermia isn't too much of an issue with modern central heating, there is an interesting point to this.  If your hands and feet are cold then you feel even colder.  Slip on a pair of slippers when your padding around the house, pull on an extra pair of socks, or if it's practical wear gloves - you'll soon be feeling toastier.

Eat yourself warm
Try swapping your lunchtime sandwich or salad for something warm.  Soup can be cheap, healthy and keeps you warm from the inside!  Some people find they crave carbs in the winter and when your body burns them they are great for keeping you warm

Make the most of your soft furnishings
Snuggle up under a throw or blanket when the evenings get chilly.  Keeps you cosy and can brighten up an unloved sofa during the day.  Open the curtains when the sun is up to let the wintry sunshine do its best to heat the room, but remember to close them again when it gets dark to help keep that heat in.

Layer up
Wear several thin layers instead of one monster thick one. This means you don't have to banish all your summer clothes to the loft when the temperature changes.

Curl up
Snuggling up with someone else on the sofa is not only comforting, it's warm. Who doesn't love a cuddle?! But if you're happy putting your feet on your sofa too you might also find that you stay warmer.  Cold air is likely to be nearer the floor, so tuck those feet up higher to keep your toes toasty.

Do you have any frugal tips for staying warm?  Why not share them in the comments!

Stay warm everyone!

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