Sunday, 13 January 2013

I Knitted Mittens

I've made no secret about wanting to become more craft-able.  My first challenge I set myself was making a poncho, and that seemed to turn out okay.  Next, Hubby and I made some Christmas presents for certain members of the family - they too were well received.  So for a completely novice crafter I think I'm progressing well.

Then on Christmas day my Mother-In-Law presented me with my next challenge - a subscription to a knitting magazine!  Every month for the next year a little parcel of wool, needles and patterns will arrive so that I can flex my knitting skills.

It seems that I'm surrounded by pregnant ladies at the moment - my best friend, a couple of cousins, colleagues  people at my theatre group - so I'm sure in the next few years I will be able to find endless excuses to knit little bits and bobs for little-people.  But I decided that my first knitting project from these magazines had to be for me (it was a Christmas present after all).  So a few nights ago I sat down with my large wooden needles and chunky thread, and after some dropped stitches and a couple of snarl-ups I managed to work my way through a whole pattern and produce a pair of finger-less mittens!  I'm very pleased!

So what if the thumb hole is almost as big as the whole for the rest of the fingers combined? Or that one glove is slightly smaller than the other as I ran out of wool for the last few rows?  They are my mittens, and I made them.  I just won't look to closely. They will live pride of place in my glove box, and if the weather turns as chilly as is predicted in the next week I bet I will be pleased to have them!

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