Sunday, 15 September 2013

Why you should go to Thorpe Park in the rain

I've always loved rollercoasters.  I'm not one of those people that just loves to be scared (I'm not a huge fan of the static rides that swing you around, or drop you from a great heights, or horror films that delight in shock value, nor to I harbour a particular desire to do a sky dive or bungee jump), but stick me on track, buckle me in and I'll be grinning from ear to ear.  The views from the high point of the 'coaster before the big fall, the sensation of the wind whipping through the air - it's like flying.   

Usually when you're planning a family day out, you pray for blue sky and dry weather, but when we started to map out our visit to Thorpe Park yesterday with Hubby and the In-Laws (who says kids have to have all the fun), I hoped for rain...  

Making the most of your day : Shorter queues at the rides

Don't you just hate it when you fork out for your ticket, and then spend the day standing waiting to ride.  I know I'm British, but if I wanted to spend my days standing in a queue I'd just head to my nearest Post Office...  Whilst theme parks do their very best to keep those queuing entertained (actors in the queues, things to see, silent discos) the fact still remains is that you can sometimes be waiting for two hours to get your turn on a ride that will be over in less than a minute.  

That's why a grey sky is a great thing for a theme-park visit.  The idea of waiting in queue getting wet, cold and miserable puts a lot of people off making the trip in the first place... so as they snuggle back down in their nice warm duvet, you can make the most of the fact that the park is really under-capacity. Take yesterday for example: the longest time we queued was just 20 minutes to ride Colossus, with queues at THE SWARM and Stealth only taking 5 minutes each.  

Queue for SAW: The Ride at Thorpe Park
The queue for SAW: The Ride yesterday

We managed to ride all the big 'coasters and a number of the smaller thill rides within 2 hours of being at the park.  We were very happy bunnies.  

Get the fun started: Reduced waiting time to get in

So you're gearing up for  your trip.  You've accepted that you'll have to queue for the rides, but hey, maybe you can make that part of the fun... you've packed a spare change of clothes (you know, for after the water rides), you've got a picnic ready, your driving songs on the radio and by the time you arrive you're brimming with excitement.  You spill out of the car, rush up to the gate... Only to have your momentum completely thrown by the crowds of other adrenaline-seekers snaking their way up to the ticket booths...

No queues to get into Thorpe Park
It might look like a scene from a zombie film, but the lack of queues got our day off to a great start!

Yesterday, the entrance queues were, well, non-existent.  It was simple - just to stroll up to the counters! We maybe had to wait 5 minutes to pick up our tickets, and we were in!

Saving the pennies - Less excuse to spend money on sweet treats

When you're out and about it's just so easy to treat yourself.  Even if you've pre-planned, and have brought your own lunch, with the sun beating down the idea of an ice-cold cola or refreshing ice-lolly is almost expected: just what you need to cool down, and keep hydrated.  It's the perfect excuse.  But when temperatures have dropped slightly and the sky is grey the idea of something cool, sticky and sweet just isn't quite as tempting.

Which brings us nicely on to our next reason...

No one likes a pest - Fewer wasps

With stalls and shops selling icecreams, fizzy drinks, donuts and sweets around every corner, theme parks must be an absolute heaven for suger obsessed bugs - and with the warm summer we've had this year wasps are absolutely thriving.  There is nothing more annoying when you're queuing for a ride, or sitting trying to eat your lunch than being hounded by the little blighters... but with the cooler weather, they're sleepier and less likely to be a bother. 

Weather proofing: Rain rain go away, come again another day!

And finally, whilst I know that all these things are big ticks, no one wants to risk their day being a complete wash out... which is why I just love Thorpe Park's commitment to Weather Proofing.  If the rain is really bad, or it is too chilly to be comfortable, Thorpe Park will give you a free pass to return another day.  The offer isn't valid during peak season, but if you're like me and try to go off-peak, then there is the potential to score two days of fun for the price of one. Woooohooo!  So yesterday wasn't one of those Weather Proofed days, but it didn't stop us from having a blast!

This post has not been written in collaboration with Thorpe Park or any other third party.  No incentive has been received for writing this post and is completely based on my own experiences and thoughts.

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