Saturday, 8 September 2012

By Jove...

Today Hubby and I had a conversation.  This wasn't a what-to-have-for-dinner ponder, or a does-my-bum-look-big-in-this debate, it was a proper game-changer of a conversation.

A few weeks ago I wrote about how unstable we feel and how we need to get some direction in our lives, well, today was the day we grasped at life and decided to knock it into shape rather than let it batter us along like leaves in a breeze.

It took hours. We crunched some numbers and we discussed our plans, but the thing that ultimately gave shape to our future was a simple piece of paper... A pros and cons list.

Hubby was a bit reluctant at first - understandably really, as we both have memories of love-struck teenagers using such lists to determine whether or not to break up with their latest crush... - but eventually we sat down to try to tease our way through the tangled web of our future... And, by Jove, I think we've done it. 

We have A Plan...

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