Sunday, 16 September 2012

The small things in life

Things have been a little quiet on the blog recently.  Not because I have nothing to say - far from it! - it's just that life has been nibbling into all the time that I have had.

We had a very big week at work last week.  I ended up working late most days, sleeping poorly most nights, and rehearsing for my play most evenings, and when you have weeks like that you really appreciate the time you have to yourself.

Hubby struggles with me liking time to myself - of course I enjoy spending time with him, and I do feel guilty when we don't really see each other, however ever since I was a little girl I've really enjoyed some time to allow for some head-space. 

I hate the feeling that life is running away from you.  Sometimes I think if I don't sink my fingers into a moment, it will slip past without me noticing it.  Like the feeling when you slip into clean bedding, or an afternoon laughing with friends, or the sense of achievement you get when you've done something great at work.

I can't help but thinking that it is the small things that can add up to big things.  Yes, there are those days where you do something extra special; a day trip, a life changing conversation, meeting someone new.  But it's the small things that cumulatively add up.  That's why I enjoy blogging.  It gives me the chance to  take the time to look at the small things.

After all, the small things are the things we don't always think about.

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