Thursday, 19 July 2012


It all starts with a little pink line. Even now, a few days later I can't get over how unsurprised I was. It was like that little pink line was just the final tick in a check list, one that I'd been mentally ticking down for the last week:

Feeling queasy
Never-ending butterflies
Boobs that felt bruised
A late period...

At first you try and explain away your symptoms. Boobs are sore: "Maybe I'm just due" period is late: "maybe I got my dates wrong"...

At first I'd put the tiredness down to the fact I'd had late nights. I'm far from a party animal, in fact I'm more at home tucking up in my pajamas, however last week was different... We were up for an award with work, so I pulled on my glad rags and headed up to The Big Smoke. We won, much partying ensued (there was a free bar), and then, just two days later a leaving-do at work meant I had another post-midnight finish.
I'm still smarting with guilt when I think about the wine I enjoyed. I didn't know at the time...

To be honest, the whole thing is really bizarre, I remember being told what being pregnant might be like when I was at school, but actually feeling your body changing to accommodate something that is currently the size of a sesame seed is something that no amount of reading or being told can explain.

The Hubby and I are really happy, but trying not to get too excited as it's early days. We've told my parents, and my in laws, and now the battle is keeping quiet - I've always been terrible at keeping my own secrets.
I guess that's why I'm blogging. It gives me a way to share my news with less of a worry should anything go wrong.

This is my first.


  1. What fabulous news and such exciting times.

    It won't be long til you're 12 weeks and once the first scan is done then kapow! Boy does it seem real after that. Then you can tell people too, and everything becomes a whole lot more real.

    Enjoy it at this stage, while its just yours and hubs secret, soon enough it will be public property and everyone will be giving you advice!!! xx

    1. Thanks MissieLizzie, you're so right. I'm sure everyone will have something to say in a few weeks. I've just got to keep things bottled up until then! Eeek!