Saturday, 21 July 2012

Pregnancy is confusing

I can feel my body changing around me. I need to hard boil my eggs and leave my high heels in th cupboard (I am that accident prone and I can't risk falling over!).

I want to be a good Mum. I want to do everything I can to give my little droplet the best chance of being healthy.  I've reduced the caffeine I'm drinking, getting early nights and have even dusted off my stepper for half an hour of gentle exercise three times a week.

But even doing what you thing is right is confusing...

Take these supplements designed for pregnant ladies.  I picked them up in Sainsbury's this week as they were on offer (£6 for 3 month's supply - bargain!):

They're good right? That's pretty cut and dried yes?

But the back of the box tells a completely different story.

Not the clearest of pictures, but take my word for it, the third warning bullet point says "If pregnant, or planning pregnancy, seek medical advice before taking supplements."  Is it just me, or is that conflicting advice for a product called "Mum & Bump"?

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