Monday, 6 August 2012

A very self indulgent post

I feel very sorry for myself.

I always imagined pregnancy to be this wonderfully special time.  My body is making a new life, it's doing something completely natural and magical.  So why on earth do I feel like someone has chewed me up and spat out a crumpled saliva-soaked mess?

I knew pregnancy would be uncomfortable. Lots of peeing, back ache, potential headaches, and that's before the sleepless nights post labour. But I didn't think I would be in agony.  Certainly not at 7 weeks.

I have a tilted uterus, which as it is growing, rather than pushing on my bladder like the majority of people, my inflating womb is pushing on my tail bone. And it bloomin' hurts.

1 in 4 ladies is like me and has a uterus that's a little bit wonky, and my sympathy goes out to all those ladies that experience this pain. It's like constant toothache, but in your backside and not position brings relief. I've not slept properly for the past three nights, the pain keeping me firmly in the waking world. During that time I've tried everything I can think of: laying in bed, on the sofa, on the sofa bed, with my legs in the air, on the wall, in the bath, sitting in a hard chair, in an armchair, on the floor... But nothing.

I tried to go to work this morning hoping that the daily goings-on of the office might distract me from the constant ache.  But I couldn't even make it to the motorway. To be honest by the time I got home I would have been surprised if I could tell you which way was up...

So back again I went to the doctor. For someone like me who is usually pretty healthy (*touches nearest wooden object*) three trips to the doctor in a week is unheard of.  But I now have some stronger painkillers (not that I wanted to take any in my first trimester) and confirmation about what I can and can't do.

I've spent the day curled up with a hot water bottle, trying to formulate a plan for the drive to work tomorrow...

I just really hope this sorts itself out soon. :(

Self indulgent post over.

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