Friday, 17 August 2012

Why I want a duvet cocoon...

Do you ever notice how time just dribbles past when you want the day to move on?

I'm normally a fan of Fridays, the weekend is just around the corner, its the one chance to get all your work finalised ready for a fresh working week come Monday.  But this Friday, the whole day has been like walking though sludge.

I don't know if the Hubby and I are still pulling ourselves together from last week, but the effort of simply getting out of the bed this morning was a challenge.  We both snoozed the alarms (we have three), we rolled over, we flipped back the covers, we even got as far as sitting up... but our energy levels remained rock bottom.   We flopped around on top of the duvet for a good 20 minutes, before I dragged myself to the bathroom.  I was even weighing up whether I could get away without any makeup, just to squeeze an extra 5 minutes from my wannabe-lie-in.

And that's just followed me throughout the day.

I'm happy to keep working - I've got lots to do, plenty to keep me busy, but I keep dreaming of building a duvet-nest under my desk, snuggling down propping my laptop on my lap and working in a fluffy cocoon.  Hardly professional though.  And I'm sure my colleagues would soon be jealous.

Maybe I'm simply craving some space, some downtime where my thoughts are my own?  Some people might interpret my desire to hide away is me putting up emotional walls, but I don't think that's the case.  I used to write poetry as a teenager (who didn't), and I was always inspired by night - even if it wasn't the topic of my writing, curled up in bed was always when my thoughts moved most freely.  For the last week or so I've read a lot about how I should be feeling, and even before that people have been offering advice on what to do, or how to be.  My body still isn't my own, it's settling back into it's own rhythms, and so I suspect I want something to be wholly mine...

How do you claim time for yourself?

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