Wednesday, 29 August 2012

It's [early] Christmas time

For my 8th birthday, I was asked by my parents what present I would like, and to this day I remember my answer. Without a second thought I knew what I wanted to wake up to when my birthday dawned: Christmas.  Unfortunately my birthday is in March, however that didn't stop my parents dutifully bringing out the Christmas tree, and having a big "Christmas" dinner to celebrate my birthday.  There was even Christmas pudding in place of birthday cake.  I had an absolute ball.

When you're a child, Christmas has an undeniable quality.  It's magical.  But as you grow older, and you can't get away with buying all your gifts from one shop and the budget has to stretch thinner and thinner, the excitement of the festive season somewhat dims...

I read an article in the Metro this morning complaining that supermarket chain Asda were already setting up their Grottos.  Even I have to admit that August is a little early for little children to start planning what expensive gift Santa will bring them this year. 

I do wonder whether the more time we have to plan, the more we plan to spend, and Christmas arriving earlier and earlier is a bit if a trick by retailers to get us to cough up more...

So this year I've decided to try and bring some of the magic back. I want to be that little girl that enjoyed Christmas so much that she wanted it twice in one year.  So this year Hubby and I will make a lot of our presents, spending the minimum financially, but the maximum in time, effort and energy.

Afterall, what is Christmas without a little thoughtfulness.

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