Saturday, 4 August 2012

London 2012: Why do we not recognize success?

Olympic fever is everywhere.  It seems that every single say calls for a new combination of red, white and blue clothing in an attempt to support Team GB.

I sadly haven't managed to get any tickets (I applied to all the ballots for both the Olympic and Paralympic sessions, and have just given up with the website, but even still I'm completely caught up by the celebratory atmosphere.  I've never been athletic, or sporty in the slightest, but I can cheer pretty loudly. 

I'm behind the girls and gals that are around the UK working their hardest for themselves and their country.  I know I could never do what they do, even without the weight of the country on our shoulders.  But it seems that there are some people who haven't embraced the spirit of competition.

It makes me so angry that people feel that they can complain about the mammoth achievements of our athletes.  Tom Daley's troll was the extreme example, but there are still other so-called sports-fans who are turning to Twitter to complain about GB not succeeding as well as the could have done... Last night for example saw hundreds of people celebrating Rebecca Adlington's bronze medal in the pool, but on Twitter I saw many people complaining that she'd not got gold. I do feel for Team GB's poster girls and boys. They have more pressure on them. It seems that support has been confused with expectation. A bronze medal is in my no means a failure - it should be celebrated. compl

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