Thursday, 30 August 2012

My engagement story

I remember the feeling. Surprise. Delight. Happiness. The moment when another person tells you that they want to share their life with you.

On the Tube today I sat opposite a young couple, their hands clasped, and heads bent together, taking it on turns to admire the glittering ring on the third finger of her left hand.When your newly engaged it feels as though you have a neon band strapped around your ring finger and you want to talk to everyone about it.  Or I certainly did.

Most ladies I've spoken to love talking about their wedding day, but before the big day it's the engagement stories that take the spotlight.

Hubby popped the question to me one chilly November afternoon.  We'd been visiting our parents and had spent the entire morning hunting around the town for Hubby's lost mobile phone (we'd been to all the shops we'd visited that weekend, the coffee shops, even the town dump until ultimately finding the phone down the back of the sofa...), when he suddenly announced that he wanted to go for a walk.  There's nothing particularly strange in that, although what I did think was a little odd was the fact that as soon as we left his younger brother started hanging out of a bedroom window with a pair of binoculars...

Hubby took me to a hill near his parents house, the views were stunning.  It was a crisp November day, and you could see for miles over the Somerset moorlands.  It was lovely. I've always enjoyed the peace and quiet of the country, so I was standing drinking in the views with the wind fanning my hair out behind me.
The next thing I remember was a tap on my shoulder. I don't remember exactly what was said, but I do remember him going down on one knee. Having just started his first proper job, he'd gone out and bought a ring after guessing the size.  It wasn't the ring I would have chosen for myself but I loved it.  Even though I didn't know it beforehand, it was perfectly me.

I was so delighted that I called my mum before we'd got down from the hill.

Our wedding day, almost a year-to-the-day later.

Even now, Hubby says that the hill is our place.  We know that we shared something very special there, and when we came down again as an engaged couple our families (who apparently knew all about the true nature of 'the walk') were thrilled.  Although I don't think the binoculars had been much of a success at tracking the proposal from a-far.

Every engagement is different, and every one special.  Whether a surprise, or a mutual agreement it's the first step to a lifetime of commitment.

I'd love to hear your engagement story.  Why not post your own, and tell me in the comments.

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